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Malaysia | Election Court dismisses petition to declare Jasin GE14 result null and void

17 June 2019

The Election Court on 12 June 2019 rejected a petition filed by Datuk Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan, the candidate for the Jasin seat during the 14th General Election (GE14). The petition was filed by Khairuddin in June 2018, alleging that fellow candidate Ahmad Hamzah was not elected legally and therefore the election results should be declared […]

Cambodia | Ministry Clarifies Length for Fixed Duration Contracts and Effect of Probationary Periods

4 June 2019

On 17 May 2019, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (“MLVT”) issued Guideline No. 050/19 (the “Guideline”) on the length of fixed duration employment contracts and the effect of probationary periods in terms of calculation of severance or seniority payments for employees. Maximum Length for Fixed Duration Employment Contracts (“FDC”) Under the Labour Law, […]

Myanmar | Wholesale and retail registration required for exempted commodities

31 May 2019

Previously, the Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) issued Notification No. 25/2018 (“Notification No. 25”) allowing 100% foreign-owned companies as well as joint ventures between local and foreign investors (“JVs”) to apply for wholesale or retail registration in order to conduct retail and wholesale business domestically. In this respect, the trading of seeds, pesticides, fertilisers, medical equipment, […]

Milestones in Competition Law

29 May 2019

It has been a busy time for Malaysian competition authorities this quarter. The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) has taken the bull by the horns on the tension between intellectual property law and competition law. It Gazetted guidelines on intellectual property rights and competition law on 5 April 2019. MyCC has also announced its intention to […]

A Synopsis of the Trademarks Bill 2019 | Malaysia

29 May 2019

The Trademarks Bill 2019 (“the Bill”) has undergone its first reading in Parliament, and is expected to be passed in the second half of 2019. The Bill is intended to repeal the Trade Marks Act 1976 (“TMA”), to bring it up to date with current times and treaty obligations. We set out a snapshot of […]

Central Bank of Myanmar Announces Plans for Further Liberalisation of the Myanmar Banking Industry

29 May 2019

The Central Bank of Myanmar (“CBM”) has recently announced that it is considering a further liberalisation of the local banking industry by allowing increased foreign bank participation in the industry.  This was announced at a press conference held on 17 May 2019 by U Soe Thein, Deputy Governor of CBM. The main takeaways of the […]

Change in Income Year and Assessment Year for Co-operatives and Private Sectors

27 May 2019

In 2018, the Myanmar Government changed the financial year starting from 1 October to 31 September from 2018 (“New FY”). However, this did not affect private and co-operative sectors, other than banks, financial institutions and stated-owned enterprises, and the financial year remained unchanged from 1 April to 30 March (“Old FY”). Recently, the Internal Revenue […]

Legal Alert | Developments on the Proposed Payment Services Framework in Singapore

23 May 2019

In our January 2018 update, we provided an overview of the regulatory framework under the Payment Services Bill (the “Bill”). The Bill has since been passed in Parliament on 14 January 2019, and will come into operation on such date as notified in the Government gazette. This legal update will cover: (i) the key changes […]

ZICO Law Myanmar and Yulchon enter joint collaboration at ZICO Law Myanmar office

15 May 2019

With South Korea being Myanmar’s fifth largest investor in 2017-18, and investments totalling US $254 million in sectors such as oil and gas, infrastructure, retail, and real estate, the economic bond between the two nations have never been stronger. To help facilitate the surge of business between the two countries, ZICO Law Myanmar is pleased […]

Myanmar Patent Law Updates

14 May 2019

Following the vote in favor of the Patent Bill in early 2018, the Myanmar Patent Law has finally been approved and passed into law under Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 7/2019 on 11 March 2019. The Patent Law provides protection for inventions related to products and processes which meet the patentability requirements with respect to novelty, […]