ZICO Law wins FT Asia Pacific Innovative Lawyers Award 2015 for 2nd year


We are delighted to announce ZICO Law has won the Financial Times (FT) Asia Pacific Innovative Lawyers Award for the second year in a row.

ZICO Law won the “Innovation in Corporate Strategy Award” in 2014  and this year ZICO Law is recognized for its Innovative Transformation of Legal Services under the “Innovation in the Business Law” (Asia-Pacific headquartered law firms).

The “Innovation in the Business of Law” awards looks at how law firms have adopted innovative strategies in terms of structure, growth and expansion to provide value to clients and adopting a more efficient operational innovations to resource work. ZICO Law has adopted a strategy to differentiate from competitors in a manner which has created value for its clients. Its association with ZICO Holdings Inc. has provided ZICO Law with a unique business model which gives access to markets and a diversified range of services, whilst maintaining the professional independence and autonomy of lawyers in the network. This hybrid business model is designed to optimize the benefits of a corporate structure to raise external capital and improve efficiencies in service delivery through centralized business processes, maintaining the professional independence and autonomy of law firms at the same time.

Now in its second year in Asia Pacific, the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards drew over 400 submissions and nominations from more than 100 law firms and in house legal teams in this region and hundreds of client, expert and lawyer were interviewed.  The FT Innovative Lawyers Report has become one of the top legal rankings, and the accompanying awards are widely regarded as the best researched in the market.

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“We are extremely proud of this award which recognizes our unique strategy of transforming the ZICO Law network as part of an integrated professional services provider throughout ASEAN. I dedicate this award to our team who have made this transformation possible and to the clients who have supported and trusted us over the years in the region.”

 Mr Chew Seng Kok, Chairman, ZICO Law Network