Malaysia | ASEAN Insiders Roundtable Technology, Media and Telecommunications Update | ZICO Law & Olswang

With a burgeoning work force and the rapid rise of the middle class, the ASEAN Economic Community brings ASEAN into the spotlight with technology, media and telecommunications taking off in a big way. As an active law-firm network in this region, we have witnessed ASEAN-bound investors intent on seizing broadcasting, communication networks, mobile banking, e-commerce and a host of other opportunities that lie in this emerging market. But are the region’s legal and regulatory frameworks equipped to keep up with this wave of global digitalization? Though laws and regulations have traditionally lagged behind and played catch-up with social and business trends, the situation is far more prevalent where technology is concerned – especially with market disruptors like Uber, Netflix and FinTech threatening conventional norms in the provision of goods and services.

On the sidelines of the IPBA meeting in Kuala Lumpur where the best legal minds in the region will gather, we believe it is timely for ZICO Law, together with our relationship-specialist firm, Olswang, to co-chair and host, a closed-door ZICO Law Insiders Roundtable where experts will share updates and practical experience to help guide clients on what to expect of the sector, its regulation, and be at the forefront of TMT issues in ASEAN.

Event details
Venue: Traders Hotel
Date: Thursday 14 April 2016
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 pm