IBA Virtually There 2020 Webinar: Falling walls? A closed shop no longer: understanding ‘legal services’; who should provide and who should profit

6 November 2020 Zoom Webinar

So how do we define legal services and who should profit? The lawyers or those beyond the walls? Given the evolutionary characteristics of legal services and an ever-changing and fast-moving legal marketplace, one must go back to the basics to have a much wider meaning over time.

This session will explore in particular whether there has been an impact on firms who have gone out and found independence and whether that model has responded to challenges where it is permitted: were they able to raise funds? If so, what has been the impact? If the concept of legal services is in flux – then who should benefit?

We will consider examples from the UK, Spain and Australia concerning law firms that have third party investors.

Key Contacts

Regional Managing Partner
ZICO Law Network