IBA Virtually There 2020 Webinar: Lateral hiring – making it work

25 November 2020 Zoom Webinar

The days of associates being promoted to partnership and remaining at that firm for their careers are, for many lawyers, an historical anachronism. Though the grass can be greener in other pastures, it is not always the case.

Given the increasing mobility of law-firm partners and the increasing acceptance by firms that lateral hires can be a key mechanism for growth, our panel will explore:

  • the motivations for partner movements;
  • lateral hire strategies and how sanguine one should be about what lateral-hire strategy success looks like;
  • why your green grass may not result in a happy healthy new partner. Or, more simply, factors that may cause lateral partners to fail; and
  • how you can ensure the transition to your firm can work for you, your partners and the lateral.

Key Contacts

Regional Managing Partner
ZICO Law Network