The “G” of ESG: Goodness Gracious! How do we calculate the Governance score?

21 January 2021 | 16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+8) Zoom Webinar

Governance is a critical component of ESG. It can cover a broad range of topics and factors including board and management structures, shareholders rights and compliance with laws. Understanding governance risks in a business is critical, as the repercussions can be severe and irreparable.

Join us as we kick start 2021 with the third segment of our ESG webinar series, where our panel of experts, Yap Lian Seng, Ang Siak Keng, Nadarashnaraj Sargunaraj and Ahmad Zulkharnain Musa moderated by Wei Min Chua, will discuss:

  • The Hard Law and the Soft Law of Governance
  • “His control and dominion over all activities of SRC were both total and complete!…” – corporate governance lessons for SOEs from the SRC International case
  • What are the landmines of Governance failures
  • Meat distribution cartel and the immigration scandal – anti-corruption enforcement blitz to continue in 2021!

Key Contacts

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Zaid Ibrahim & Co.