The “S” of ESG: The “Social” aspect of corporate sustainability as an objective and its challenges in ASEAN

3 December 2020 | 17:00 - 18:00 (GMT+8) Zoom Webinar

Can the composition and the lopsided hiring trends of a company lead to labour unrest or a downturn of consumer opinion? Can an archaic diversity and inclusion stance lead to a surge of criticism that harms the company brand, ultimately causing share prices to fall? While not all social aspects of a corporation can affect the bottom line, leaders must start considering these scenarios as they develop their corporate citizenship in today’s market.

As ZICO Law continues with its ESG webinar series, our panel of global and regional experts will look at how social factors can affect company performance in achieving diversity and inclusion, community awareness, promoting social development through policies and the potential roadblocks to its implementation in ASEAN.

Webinar Topics:

  • Part 1: Introduction of ESG in the global stage
  • Part 2: ESG in the ASEAN landscape
  • Part 3: ZICO initiatives around the region
  • Part 4: Q&A

Moderated by Hanim Hamzah (ZICO Law network, Singapore), ESG advocate, Zulon Begum (CM Murray, London), will take a global look at established ESG practices in more mature jurisdictions while regional expert, Christina Blacklaws (Blacklaws Consulting, London) will discuss fighting algorithmic bias, Yong Hon Cheong (Zaid Ibrahim & Co., Malaysia) will provide a comparative study on ASEAN. The session will close with presentations by Hua Sia YenSunitha S. Sothi and Chow Wan San (Zaid Ibrahim & Co., Malaysia) on examples of corporate social initiatives including a brief introduction to the Mindful Business Charter.

Watch here


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