ZICO ASEAN 40 Under 40

ZICO ASEAN 40 Under 40 is a flagship program of ASEAN Advisory, the consulting arm of ZICO. We pay tribute to 40 trailblazers under the age of 40 in, or from, Southeast Asia who are driving positive change and creating impact in this region.

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2018 Honorees

Each honoree is addressing a trend or challenge in the ASEAN countries through their work. These outstanding individuals comprise entrepreneurs, professionals, innovators, sportsmen, artists, and public sector officials, amongst others. This diverse collective embodies the spirit of ASEAN and is representative of the region’s future potential as a political, economic, and sociocultural bloc.

Lunch and dialogue

A closed-door lunch and dialogue was held on 27 July in Singapore to kickstart the ZICO ASEAN 40 Under 40 program for 2018. The attendees participated in panel sessions discussing their personal journeys and outlook on ASEAN.

Zero-waste local produce featuring Shannon Lim
“The New Intelligence” video featuring Yannick Blais and Annabelle Kwok
“Digital Disruptors” panel featuring Brian Kim, Chen Kin Siong and Dr Mohammad Danesh
“Tech Preserving Art” video featuring Nancy Margried
“Impactful Enablers” panel featuring Adamas Belva Syah Devara, Ada Chirapaisarnkul, Nadiah Wan and Pete Chareongwongsak
“Real Life Hero” video featuring Ngoc Van Ta
“Progress Through Perseverance” panel featuring YB Fahmi Fadzil and Rous Saron
“Robots Saving Lives” video featuring Richard Yim
“Modern Society” panel featuring Danial Hakim, Monique Sukmangsih Darmono and Warren Tseng
“The Region is Waiting” video featuring Nadiem Makarim

*Not all event materials are posted online

The New Intelligence

Tech Preserving Art

Robots Saving Lives

Guest op-ed

This op-ed discusses the future of ASEAN as a preamble to an upcoming white paper (see below). It discusses the themes of cooperation and community, as well as integration and unity.

Winston Toh was formerly a Summer Analyst at ASEAN Advisory and he helped to conceptualise the ASEAN 40 Under 40 initiative. This article was edited by Ms Dira Fabrian and Mr David Pine.

Upcoming white paper

ASEAN Advisory is writing a white paper on the trends and vulnerabilities of the ASEAN countries. This paper was developed based on independent research together with input from the honorees.

The white paper will be released in Q4 2018. Please register your interest here.


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