July 2021

Infographic Series 1 (Part II) – 可持续供应链

“Sustainability is more than just “going green” – it is the future of global businesses.

There is a growing need to integrate sustainable solutions into the supply chain process, from procurement, production to transportation of supplies and finished goods. A sustainable supply chain is a long term commitment to the processes that considered and identified the impact on the environmental, social and economic factors. With many consumers becoming more vocal and conscious on sustainable practices globally, businesses are responding by integrating sustainable practices into their supply chain. Sustainable solutions that businesses have adopted include sourcing of raw materials, reducing carbon footprint and promoting human rights and fair labour practices in the supply chain process.

This infographic provides a brief outlook on how sustainable practices can be implemented by local businesses, with practical examples on how it has been done by other businesses in this space. The infographic also looks at the relationship between the government and the private sectors and how they can collaborate in implementing initiatives that are sustainable for the future, including an idea on the implementation of ‘green-walls’ as a form of carbon sinks in urban areas.

Subject matters: Environmental
Jurisdictions: Malaysia
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