May 2020

Vietnam Legal Register Checklist

Staying up-to-date with the various laws and regulations in Vietnam is a constant challenge for companies and can result in heavy fines if not done correctly. To help you ensure proper compliance, ZICO Law Vietnam now offers the Vietnam Legal Register Checklist.

A systematic and recurring review of applicable legislation is the best way to prevent, or at least mitigate, the risk of unintentional non-compliance with such laws. We in no way wish to scare anyone but we do want to point out a recent published case involving Coca Cola Vietnam, which was fined 350 billion VND due to an insufficient tax filling. It is no wonder that more and more companies in Vietnam are turning to their legal advisors on a regular basis to ensure they are legally compliant to avoid fines and sanctions imposed by relevant Vietnamese authorities for accidental non-compliance.

Our Vietnam Legal Register Checklist is a consolidated and extensive list of applicable Vietnamese laws and regulations that covers most aspects of your business operations in Vietnam and even extends to some other specialized business operations such as the renewable energy business. You will be able to keep track of the main regulations in order to implement a compliance strategy that will help prevent unexpected regulatory concerns.

Indexes Included

  • Investment and Enterprises Legislation Index
  • Labour Legislation Index
  • Finance and Foreign Exchange Legislation Index
  • Land and Construction Legislation Index
  • Environmental Legislation Index
  • Tax Legislation Index
  • Dispute Resolution Legislation Index
  • Insurance Legislation Index
  • IP Legislation Index
  • Solar Power and Electricity Legislation Index
  • Other Transactions Legislation Index


Pricing Details

In the event you do not have an in-house legal team, we are pleased to offer our assistance: two hours of meet time between our lawyer and your compliance manager or other administrative supervisor to review the list, explain the relevant legislation and ensure your business’s legal compliance. This service is available in addition to cost of the checklist for VND 11,750,000 (exclusive of VAT).

The checklist will be updated annually to provide the most current effective regulations. You may subscribe for this update service for only VND 1,175,000 (exclusive of VAT) per year. In case you also request our legal assistance to help you review the updated list, we also offer our lawyer to assist for a one-hour session for an additional VND 5,875,000 (exclusive of VAT). These package prices are effective through June 2021.

For all purchasing inquiries, please contact Thu Le at

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