Dear partners and guests,

The agenda and information below will help you navigate the activities during the three days of the ZPW. Session presentations, photos, videos, and other material will be uploaded for download and future reference. Should you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the BDCC team.


(14:00-14:15) Welcoming remarks

Speaker: Hanim Hamzah (remote)


(14:15-14:45) R4/ZAK Roadmap to Day 1

Roadmap to Day 1 and Post Day 1 – what partners must do.

Speaker: Wong Ai KimLoo Tatt King


(14:45-15:30) Plenary 1: Changing Law Firm Work Culture – dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, what is the “new normal” and how do we prepare for it?

The panel will discuss the recent changes in law firm work culture, particularly how law firms around the world are dealing with post-pandemic challenges such as the Great Resignation, hybrid working, AI/technology, employee wellbeing, etc. Managing partners will discuss how they have re-structured their work culture to adapt to the changing norms, and how they have turned un-precedented challenges into long-term advantages. In addition to discussing the effective steps panellists have taken to create and maintain the right law firm work culture for the current environment, we will be examining the forward-looking actions that law firms are taking to plan for and manage future challenges and changes. Overall, we will exchange thoughts and experiences on how to create and sustain a workplace culture that is better for people, business and the society at large.

Moderator: Gilbert Gan
Speakers: Stuart Fuller (remote), Felix Sy, Fadjar Kandar, Geraldine Oh, Soh Chun Bin


(15:30-16:15) Sustainability, Green Transformation and Climate Change – how best to advise clients?

With the ongoing global climate crisis and other crucial current events, the world’s focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance has been further heightened. How do we comply and prepare our clients to adopt ESG best practices and adhere to them? As ESG compliance has become an important aspect of sustainable business, we will be examining practical approaches for successfully adopting and integrating SDGs/ESG compliance in our everyday role as our clients’ sustainable business partner. Suggest case studies for successful projects or solutions for Project ZAK collaboration. 

Moderator: Khoo Yu Lin
Speakers: Phang Oy Cheng, Raj Sargunaraj, Barryl Rolandi, Amin Abdul Majid 


(16:15-16:30) Networking Break


(16:30-17:15) Project ZAK – Delivering on Strategic Integration and Implementation

How do you successfully deliver on strategic integration and implementation of Project ZAK? What are the key steps to articulate, execute and follow up in terms of ensuring the successful implementation of Project ZAK. This session will discuss how we can improve the success of Project ZAK in the short, medium and long term. What task force/committees should be set up and what are their measurable goals?  How do we establish and maintain effective communication with each other? Apart from physical and technology integration, how do we accelerate win-win for both? What are the areas for quick wins, what systems and processes need to be put in place? How do we drive business referrals and organise ourselves to ensure success? What does it take to make us change our daily behaviour?

Moderator: Adrio Rivadi
Speakers: Brahma Sharma, Adrian Lee, Emmanuel Bonoan, Richard Stapley-Oh, Mohd Sofiyuddin (remote)


(17:15-18:00) North Asia Developments – the present and future of Japan, China and ASEAN relations

Changing geo-political developments, the Ukraine war, a stronger Europe/NATO and the role of the United States. How are these challenges affecting Japan, China and their relationship with ASEAN? What can be expected in the next 12 months and how should we position our business and advise our clients accordingly? Suggest successful projects or business/targets for collaboration. 

Moderator: Stephanie Choong
Speakers: Leo Tian (remote), Alan Jih, Lee Bin Hau, Jade Hwang


(18:00-19:00) Tour of KPMG Malaysia premises

Social event

Leaving in groups of three:
6:00 – Group 1, Karen Yip
6:20 – Group 2, Saw Wei Wei
6:40 – Group 3, Kasthuri Rajarathanam

Note: Depart from hotel for 6 minute walk to KPMG office. (Map)


(19:00-22:00) Welcome dinner

The Jio at The Roof @ First Avenue, Bandar Utama 

(09:00-09:30) KPMG GLS Update

KPMG GLS 2022 priorities and strategy for the next 12 months, including focus on Managed Legal Services.

Speaker: Stuart Fuller (remote)


(09:30-10:15) Plenary 2: Where are the World and the Economy heading?

Our world continues to face unprecedented challenges, plunging from one crisis to the next. Tectonic shifts in geopolitics and all engulfing ripple effects of the pandemic have added to disruptions that all businesses, including law firms, have to address. This session will look at the practical aspects of ‘crisis management’ and understanding market position and strategic advantage. What type of business/firm do we want and what do we need to achieve that?  We will be examining the changing business environment, addressing risks that come with clients’ portfolios tied to particular regions, cyber security breaches, or large team moves, and how a ‘crisis’ relating to any one of these might affect business reputation. Reviewing and prioritising opportunities in terms of service lines, sectors and client types.  Positioning, building and communicating unique offering and focus on differentiation.  Setting direction, getting buy-in, ensuring accountabilities and delivery. Suggest successful projects or business/targets for collaboration.

Moderator: Loo Tatt King
Speakers: Stuart Fuller (remote), Datuk Johan Idris, Tay Hong Beng, Dato Seri Nik Norzrul Thani, Ang Siak Keng, Rozaiman Abdul Rahman 


(10:15-11:00) [Young Partners Forum] On Performance Management – understanding partner performance and profitability

Partner Performance and financial rewards: how do we best remunerate/reward to build a firm (law firm of the future). While law firm partners have typically enjoyed a high degree of autonomy and independence, during these times of uncertainty (and arguably in any event) the need for a coordinated approach to strategy and performance is without doubt.

Even the simplest planning and coordination amongst partners can be difficult. Many will focus on short-term objectives neglecting the longer-term investment required in their people and client relations. We will examine the latest approaches to partner performance, sharing experiences as to why this is so challenging within law firms and hearing success stories from firms who are doing this well. How can law firm leaders ensure that their partners are committed and accountable for their goals? How to ensure clarity over the expectations of partners with a clear appraisal and reward process? Is aligning partner objectives with financial reward the magic solution or are there deeper challenges involved? How can rewards drive collaboration?

Moderator: Andreanna Tan
Speakers: Sandro Panjaitan (remote), Caera Lee, Jeremiah Huang, Muhammad Zukhairi


(11:00-11:15) Networking Break


(11:15-12:00) Plenary 3: Inspiring Our People and Leading Through Change 

Understanding the difference between management and leadership and what is required of today’s leaders. Getting the best from our people, appreciating the different styles of leadership and what that means.  Are we taking wellbeing seriously? With the Great Resignation affecting us all, what is the solution to attracting and retaining talent? Suggest successful talent initiatives and programs that can be implemented together.

Moderator: Yong Hon Cheong
Speakers: Ivana Arlianto (remote), Monsy Siew, Amin Abdul MajidLeoni SilitongaHua Sia Yen


(12:00-12:45) The Secrets of Women Rainmakers – how to become one and how to create a culture that develops them

Having rainmaking skills and the ability to develop one’s own practice allows a lawyer to work with the type of clients and matters that appeal to them. This sharing session will examine how these incredible lawyers built their practice, provide real-world advice to other women lawyers who are trying to do the same, and what role every law firm can play in helping women build their practices. Suggest successful woman programs that can be implemented together. 

Moderator: Chow Wan San
Speakers: Kate Marshall (remote), Shirley Fu (remote), Linda Wang, Joan Ting, Sunita Sothi, Phuong Nguyen 


(12:45-13:15) Chairman’s Address – ZICO Law 35 Years

Speaker: Chew Seng Kok (remote)


(13:15-14:30) Foreign Desk Lunch


(15:30-17:30) Zaid Ibrahim & Co. Partners Meeting 

(08:00-09:00) RMSB Breakfast with KPMG Leaders 

Briefing KPMG leaders on RMSB services Post Day 1.

Attendees: Hanim Hamzah, Adrio Rivadi, Adrian Lee, Noel Banoan, Brahma Sharma


(09:00-09:30) RMP Update

ZICOlaw 2022 Mid-Year Report

Speakers: Hanim Hamzah


(09:30-10:15) Business Development and Communications – how do we build the best client relationships?

Business development prowess is not a skill that lawyers are born possessing. How do successful rainmakers become who they are? Is business development a skill that can be taught? We will examine how to develop state-of-the-art training programs using a combination of internal resources, external consultants and mentoring. The session will invite rainmakers to share some of the secrets to how they were able to build and maintain robust practices. How do we select and prioritise clients? What options for developing stronger client relationships and winning new work? Suggest successful projects or business/targets for collaboration. 

Moderator: William McLaughlin
Speakers: Phuong NguyenIzahar IzhamGeraldine OhThreenuch BunruangthawornYong Wee Hoo


(10:15-11:00) [Concurrent Panel 1.] What does Metaverse mean for E-Commerce?

The Metaverse could be the successor of the mobile internet  according to Mark Zuckerberg. It is the vision of a joint virtual room connecting all users with each other and integrating technologies of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Due to its weakth of applications across the shopping experience, Metaverse principles – such as AR and VR – are becoming popular, in particular for brand owners and merchants. They are able to sell virtual branded products across the Metaverse and sell products that products that some consumers may be reluctant to buy online such as home furnishings, cosmetics and footwear.  Thanks to AR’s and VR’s product visualisation capabilities, consumers are increasingly able to have an “in-store” experience, and this can result in a sharp increase in online sales for merchants. Panellists will address the legal issues arising from the use of these new technologies applied to e-commerce and discuss many of the legal risks that can arise in this unique environment, including product liability, warranties, data privacy issues and so on. Suggest successful projects or business/targets for collaboration.

Moderator: Jonathan Lim
Speakers: Alvin Gan, Raj Sargunaraj, Afriyan Rachmad, Archaree Suppakrucha


(10:15-11:00) [Concurrent Panel 2.] Cross border investments, M&A and joint ventures – navigating geographic differences in M&A deals – how differently do we do things?

Revisiting best practices to navigate through changing times, changes in cross-border deal making, including investment transactions, M&A and joint ventures.  What’s the latest typical deal process, trajectory and recent trends in cross-border deals. The panel will also examine the ideal skillset and approach of an international commercial lawyer that will allow them to effectively represent clients on cross-border deals and the risks that one must watch out for while advising on such transactions.  What are the geographic differences in the approaches of sellers, buyers and legal counsel and other advisors to M&A and other transactions. Panellists will discuss whether these differences, if any, stem from geographical legal rules, norms, cultures or other reasons. Suggest successful projects or business/targets for collaboration.

Moderator: Muhammad Zukhairi
Speakers: Chan Siew Mei, Gilbert Gan, Stephanie Choong


(11:00-11:15) Networking Break


(11:15-12:15) [GC Panel] – Talking to the clients: do clients think the lawyers/law firm they use are fit for the future?

We ask our key clients to share insight into how law firms are doing both generally and particularly with regard to the future. What are the key future lawyer attributes?  What are their biggest challenges vis-à-vis their relationships with their law firms, the changing future of their businesses and law firms’ role in improving legal operations.

Moderator: Hanim Hamzah
Speakers: Halina Jael Abu Bakar (Khazanah), Wan Marzimin (Maybank), Kwan Keen Yew (CIMB), Chee Fei Meng (ex-SC), Dr Jasmine Begum (Microsoft)


(12:15-12:30) Closing Remarks

Speaker: Hanim Hamzah


(12:30-14:30) GC Panel CRP Lunch Meeting 

CRP Heads to speak with GC’s from GC Panel.

Moderator: Hanim Hamzah


(12:30-14:30) Lunch and departures



On 1 December 2022, KPMG and ZICO Law entered into an agreement under which a number of law firms and teams from the ZICO Law network have joined the KPMG network of firms.

The deal will see more than 275 lawyers join over 2,900 legal professionals in the KPMG global organization, creating a significant legal footprint across Asia. It will offer legal services and solutions, a globally connected legal services platform, and specialists who work with leading technology providers to modernize legal functions across organizations. The strategic combination increases the total number of legal professionals in the KPMG network to over 3,750 across 84 jurisdictions. You may read the press release here.

For more information and to see how we can assist you in your desired jurisdiction, please follow the links below: