• Foundation of Zaid Ibrahim & Co. Kuala Lumpur
    Zaid Ibrahim & Co. was established on 1st June 1987 and consisted of one lawyer and two staff housed in an office above a bicycle repair shop in Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. The firm’s first project was to work on Malaysia’s landmark North-South Expressway Project.

  • Zaid Ibrahim & Co. opened its first branch office in Kota Bharu.

  • Zaid Ibrahim & Co. opened its second and third branch offices in Penang and Johor Bahru respectively, becoming the first law firm in Malaysia to have branches across Peninsular Malaysia.

  • Zaid Ibrahim & Co. joined Andersen Legal, which provided us the perspective of a multidisciplinary platform (MDP).

  • Zaid Ibrahim & Co. becomes the first law firm in Malaysia to have over 100 lawyers.

  • Zaid Ibrahim & Co established its first offshore law practice and office outside Malaysia in Singapore, and this marked the start of our expansion into ASEAN. Gala & Tomik Advocates was established in Kuching, Sarawak.

  • We expanded to Indonesia with Roosdiono & Partners, a well-regarded law firm based in Jakarta and established in 1999.

  • Expansion into Thailand with establishment of ZICOlaw (Thailand) Ltd in the nation’s capital city of Bangkok.

  • ZICO Law (Laos) Sole Co Ltd (previously known as Vientiane Law Co. Ltd.) was established.

  • Expansion into Vietnam with establishment of ZICO Law (Vietnam) Ltd based in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • The ZICO Law network is formed, allowing us to consolidate our presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and deliver ASEAN focused legal services under one unified brand.

  • Prominent Cambodian law firm SokSiphana&associates, established in 1998 and based in Phnom Penh, joined the ZICO Law network.

  • ZICO Law (Myanmar) Ltd was established.

  • ZICO Law (Laos) Sole Co Ltd joined the ZICO Law network. We also extended our coverage in Vietnam by opening our second office in Hanoi.

  • ZICO Insights Law LLC, a Singapore law practice was established in Singapore.

  • Bruneian law firm Rozaiman Abdul Rahman joined the ZICO Law Network. This along with the establishment of Insights Philippines Legal Advisors makes the ZICO Law network the first legal network with a presence in all 10 ASEAN member countries.

  • Rozaiman Abdul Rahman is rebranded as ZICO R.A.R.
    Our Cambodian member firm, SokSiphana&associates opened its second office in Siem Reap.


On 1 December 2022, KPMG and ZICO Law entered into an agreement under which a number of law firms and teams from the ZICO Law network have joined the KPMG network of firms.

The deal will see more than 275 lawyers join over 2,900 legal professionals in the KPMG global organization, creating a significant legal footprint across Asia. It will offer legal services and solutions, a globally connected legal services platform, and specialists who work with leading technology providers to modernize legal functions across organizations. The strategic combination increases the total number of legal professionals in the KPMG network to over 3,750 across 84 jurisdictions. You may read the press release here.

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