Good lawyers cross the t’s and dot the i’s.
We don’t just look at the dots,
we make it our business to understand
what the other dots around them mean.



We believe ASEAN is a major economic force and driver of global development. We believe our origin, capabilities and behaviours can significantly help people, places and ideas connect, contributing positively to ASEAN’s overall development that will benefit all. Our network is designed to allow for close collaboration across all ASEAN member countries, so that our clients can come to us for all of their needs in the region.



ZICO Law is managed by a team of senior partners and lawyers with local knowledge and regional insights on doing business in ASEAN. Our lawyers work with some of the largest national and multinational companies in Southeast Asia, which provides our firm with unparalleled insights across every practice area.



Operating in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, our teams deliver cross border legal business solutions to our clients whilst maintaining local perspective and preserving cultural sensitivities.


Law Firms

Our network of independent local law firms all share the same vision and values. Our independence allows us to effectively serve local and international clients’ needs with creative approaches to challenges while our local insights ensure compliance with domestic rules and regulations.


Relations with
ZICO Holdings

ZICO Law Network is supported by ZICO Holdings’ award-winning multi-disciplinary platform. This business model gives our clients access to over 700 staff, including 400 legal professionals and consultants, whom work closely to provide legal, advisory, and transactional services. This ensures our clients are able to create, develop, and profitably grow their business at every stage of their development.

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