Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

1 March 2018

In March 2019, ZICO commemorated IWD by holding an internal month-long awareness campaign in line with the theme of #BalanceforBetter, which was aimed at improving gender equality, improving awareness of gender discrimination, and celebrating women’s achievements. The campaign included:

  • Mental wellness talk. Clinical psychologist Ms Thang Mee Yuen of SOLS Health gave an on-site talk at the Group’s office in Malaysia on mental toughness, building resilience, and overcoming professional and personal challenges. Employees based outside Malaysia were also able to participate via live-stream.
  • Charity visit to HCSA Dayspring. ZICO partnered with SheAdvocates to visit HCSA Dayspring, an initiative by HCSA Community Services in Singapore that aims to improve the quality of life of single parents and lone caregivers who have limited emotional, physical, or practical support. It also provides single parents with a social support network through a team of volunteers to empower them to make informed decisions in their lives.
  • Power image lunch talk. Ms Irene Yeoh from John Robert Powers gave an on-site talk at the Group’s office in Malaysia on how women can dress to establish their image and authority in a professional setting traditionally dominated by men. Employees based outside Malaysia were also able to participate via live-stream.
  • ZICO Appreciation Initiative. We at ZICO believe that all genders can be agents of change and combat negative stereotypes about women as part of the #HeForShe campaign. To wrap up the IWD 2019 campaign, the Group’s employees took the time to thank and appreciate their colleagues who helped them succeed or who made their day at the office a pleasant one. A Microsoft Teams ZICO group was also set up where everyone could post special messages to the co-workers they wished to show their appreciation to. These messages were then collected and posted on ZICO’s Instagram for all to cherish and remember.



On 1 December 2022, KPMG and ZICO Law entered into an agreement under which a number of law firms and teams from the ZICO Law network have joined the KPMG network of firms.

The deal will see more than 275 lawyers join over 2,900 legal professionals in the KPMG global organization, creating a significant legal footprint across Asia. It will offer legal services and solutions, a globally connected legal services platform, and specialists who work with leading technology providers to modernize legal functions across organizations. The strategic combination increases the total number of legal professionals in the KPMG network to close to 3,200 across 84 jurisdictions. You may read the press release here.

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