June 2020

Integrity & Governance Units (IGU) to Enhance Governance and Ethics in Government Interest Companies

Recently, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah urged the Government to remain committed to the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Plan. His Majesty’s aspiration is for everyone to champion the conviction in order for the country’s development not to be eroded by corruption, misappropriation and abuse of power. As large amounts of public funds are being channelled into the administration and investment of Government Interest Companies, it is imminent that the Government reaffirms its commitment in combatting corruption through the introduction of various initiatives to encourage good governance and ethics. In this article, our Partner Mohamad Izahar Mohamad Izham and Senior Associate Liya Saffura Ab Rashid of the Corporate & Government Advisory Practice of Zaid Ibrahim and Co. (a member of ZICO Law) provide an informative look into the efforts supported by the National Anti-Corruption Plan within the public sector, with a focus on the establishment and operation of Integrity and Governance Units in Government Interest Companies.

Subject matters: Anti-corruption/bribery, Anti-money laundering
Jurisdictions: Malaysia


Zaid Ibrahim & Co.
Liya Saffura Ab Rashid
Senior Associate
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